If your vehicle's door doesn't open and close like it used to, replace the door hinge pin, the shaft in the center of the door hinge. A defective door hinge pin also causes squeaking, which can't be fixed with lubrication, or door sagging.

It is essential to fix door hinges right away, so the door own't fly open on the road. You don't need advanced auto repair skills to replace vehicle door hinge pins. Here are some tips to replace vehicle door hinge pins.

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need:

  • work gloves
  • safety glasses
  • old towel or sheet
  • slotted screwdriver or needlenose pliers
  • hammer
  • jack stand
  • spring compressor tool
  • metal punch
  • auto lubricant
  • two hinge pin assemblies with bushings

Park the vehicle on a flat surface, and activate the emergency brake. Lay an old towel or sheet over the jack to prevent door damage. Support the door with the jack, and get an assistant to help hold it for extra support. Do not depend on just the jack for support.

Remove the Old Hinge Pins

Before you replace the hinge pins, check for loose hinge screws. Tighten the screws with the screwdriver, and check the door again. Proceed to replace the hinge pins, if this repair fails to fix the door.

Release the spring from the hinge with the spring compressor, and set the spring aside. Pull out the retaining clip that secures the hinge pin with the screwdriver or needlenose pliers. Set the clips aside.

Set the point of the metal punch in the tip of the bottom hinge pin. Strike the metal punch with the hammer using an upward movement. Apply enough force to dislodge the pin to avoid door frame damage.

Remove the brass bushings (locking caps on the top and bottom of the hinge pin). Repeat the procedure to remove the upper hinge pin. Ensure the hinges are still in alignment after you remove the pins, and replace damaged hinges.

Install the New Hinge Pins

Lubricate the new hinge pins, springs, and bushings with a generous coat of lubricant. The lubricant will help the pins operate efficiently. 

Set the new hinge pins in place. Hold the metal punch over the pin, and tap it several times with the hammer to secure it. Reinstall the retaining clips, springs, and bushings. Give the bushings several taps with the hammer to lock them in place.

Release the parking brake, and open and shut the door several times to test the repair. If the repair doesn't work, you don't trust your skill, or the door won't open at all, take the vehicle to an auto body repair shop like Central Body Co Inc.