Sometimes the biggest problem with restoring old vehicles is finding the vintage parts in salvage yards. Even if you do find the part, there is no guarantee that it will be in decent enough shape to use in your project vehicle. That is when you have to get creative and do some auto part fabrication of your own. Here is how you can troll the salvage yards, find some parts, and fabricate what you really need.

Find the Closest Facsimile to the Part You Want

Some car manufacturers may decide to suddenly change their engine and parts designs from one year to another. The good thing is, some of these parts do not change quite as drastically in appearance and function. If the auto part you want and need is very similar to parts used in the same make and model of vehicle but a different year, you may be able to modify the salvaged part so that it fits into your project vehicle. You may just need to modify the part's size, diameter or means of attachment (e.g., the newer part has a male connector rather than a female connector, the diameter is two-tenths of an inch wider than the part you are looking for, etc.)

Or Cut Parts into Pieces and Weld Them Back Together

Another approach is to take several car parts which really have nothing to do with the part you are desperate to find and cut these other parts down into pieces you can use to build your own. Many different parts are available at a salvage yard, the majority of which are metal and therefore easily cut into pieces. The quickest way to accomplish this method is to use a torch to cut the different sections you need to create the part you want, but you can also use a hacksaw or reciprocating saw with a metal-shearing blade if you are very careful. 

Be sure you know how to use a metal cutting torch and a welding machine before you start this method. Generally, you will have to do a lot of measuring in order to perfect the size and construction of your part fabrication, but completely rebuilding a rare part for your car can be quite rewarding when you get it spot on. If the pieces you need to secure together will have to be welded, make sure they are quite secure when the welding is complete so that the pieces do not pop apart the first time you start the vehicle. To learn more, contact a company like Teddy Bears Auto Parts & Salvage Inc