Over the years, your auto body is bound to pick up a few dents and dings. Most of the small blemishes might not even be noticeable. However, if you leave them alone, there is a good chance that they will grow, and you will have a more serious problem to fix later. Rust can form if the metal is exposed to the elements. This article explains how to fix small chips on an aluminum auto body. By fixing small chips as soon as possible, you can save yourself time and money in the long run.

Prepping the Paint Chip

The prep work requires a little bit of patience and precise work. First, you need to use auto sandpaper to smooth the perimeter around the chip. Auto sandpaper needs to be lubricated with water when sanding, so keep a small cup of water nearby. Sand very lightly. You don't want to remove any paint from the surface. You just want to sand off the protective clear coat over the paint. This makes the surface a little rougher so the auto putty sticks better to it. Then, wipe down the chip with a wet rag.

Patching the Chip

Next, you need a small amount of auto body filler to fill in the little chip. You can probably just spread it on with your fingers, unless it is a large chip. You want to spread the putty as thinly as possible. Once it dries, sand it down so the surface is smooth and even with the rest of the car surface.

Painting the Chip

The key to painting small chips is using a touch-up paint. You can find factory replacement paints from the dealership. These are more likely to match than generic or third-party products. The touch-up can comes with a small brush built into the lid. You want your paint to overlap the chip a little bit. You don't want to just paint inside the chip.

Finishing the Job

The last step is to finish off the paint by buffing it out. This helps the new paint blend in with the existing paint. A wool buffing attachment can be easily attached to a power drill.

As you can see, this is a simple way to fix paint chips. It is a quick and inexpensive fix. Fix these chips as soon as possible, so they don't become a larger problem. For more extensive repairs, contact a company like Auto Body By Duie LLC.