When it comes to your car, the transmission is arguably one of the most important, if not neglected, aspects of the entire vehicle.  You regularly put fuel in to keep the automobile going and likely get oil changes on schedule to keep your engine strong.  However, the transmission may not be given any attention until it has completely conked out.  Although it may seem like it happened out of nowhere, the transmission often gives off signs that it is in trouble.  Don't wait until you have to pay for a replacement; use this information to learn more about the key indications that your transmission needs to be serviced.

You Notice A Burning Smell

If you turn on your ignition only to be greeted with a slight burning smell, it may mean that your transmission is lacking fluid.  This situation can escalate very quickly, so it's best to get your car to a service professional right away if this occurs.

There are a number of reasons why your transmission may be lacking fluid.  You may live in an excessively hilly area where your transmission has to go into overdrive on a daily basis in order to pull the automobile up steep hillsides.  This can put additional wear on the transmission and cause it to use up transmission fluid more quickly than you suspect.

There could also be a leak.  You can look under your vehicle to see if there is a liquid on the ground that is typically bright red or green, although the color may vary depending upon which brand of fluid you use.  If you notice any transmission fluid on the ground, have your car seen by a professional right away.

Your Car Hesitates When Shifting Gears

Another sign of transmission trouble is when your car won't readily shift into different gears.  If you notice a slight hesitation before your car will go fully into the gear that you're attempting to put it in, your transmission could be failing.

The transmission is designed to facilitate movement into each gear so that you have a seamless driving experience.  When this doesn't happen, you'll notice that you can't gain momentum as quickly when you shift from "park" into "drive." 

Ignoring the signs that your transmission is giving you could result in a vehicular breakdown at the most inopportune time.  Pay attention to these indicators today, so you can have a healthy transmission tomorrow.

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