Your vehicle's oil can provide it with an innumerable amount of services. However, if you don't change your oil on a regular basis, this can prove to be ultimately harmful to your truck or car. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of just a few reasons to change your oil regularly.

Lubricating Your Engine

The piston and piston walls of your engine are constantly rubbing against one another. As such, if no oil is present in your engine, this can cause damage to your engine. As the oil remains in your engine, the engine's heat will breakdown the hydrocarbons that allow the lubrication of the piston and piston walls and essentially cause the oil to not do its job. The piston and piston walls will then rub against one another, eventually causing serious damage to your vehicle if the oil is not changed.

Preventing Excess Condensation

The water that persists in oil will eventually condense over time. Even a car that is merely sitting in place should have its oil changed once every year due to this very reason. After the water in the oil condenses, this can sit on the inner workings of the car's engine. If left untouched, this condensation can eventually cause decay and rust on the inside of the engine.

Preventing Sludge From Building

As your car runs, it will absorb various contaminants and debris that can eventually find their way to your vehicle's oil reservoir. This will serve to ruin the integrity of the oil over time. Even engine shavings and antifreeze can cause your vehicle's oil supply to become contaminated. When the oil and contaminants congeal, they form a substance that is commonly referred to as "sludge." This substance easily will stick to parts of your engine and cause it wear and, if left untreated, great damage. Changing your oil regularly will remove the debris that has made its way into your oil reservoir.

Improving Gas Mileage

The longer that the oil stays in your vehicle, the less efficient your car will become at burning fuel. Fuel consumption can markedly increase so long as you change your oil on a somewhat regular basis. This added bonus of changing your oil is something that your pocketbook will thank you for.

This brief guide should have given you some idea of why it is important to change your oil on a regular basis. To learn more, visit a website like