Hot temperatures are already hitting large sections of the Southern United States, and many drivers are relying on their car's air conditioner to keep cool as they drive around. One component of the air conditioning system that many people overlook is the cabin air filter.

Some car manufacturers place cabin air filters in its cars to reduce the amount of pollen and other debris that can get inside your car while you are driving. If the filter fills up with debris, it will get clogged, and the air flow from the air conditioner will get blocked. You need to replace the cabin filter to restore the air flow. This task doesn't require any specialized mechanical training and is something most car owners can do themselves. If the air conditioner's air flow into your car is weak and the car has a cabin filter, here is how you can remove the filter so you can replace it.

Remove Glove Compartment

The cabin air filter sits in a bracket located behind the glove compartment. You need to remove the glove compartment first. Make sure you take everything out of the glove compartment before you remove it or all the stuff could fall out onto the floor of the car.

There is a stop arm that slides out of the dashboard and connects to a pin on the front right end side of the glove box. The stop arm keeps the glove box from falling out of the dashboard. The stop arm has a looped end that wraps around the pin. Slide the looped end over the pin to release the front of the glove box.

There are also two little arms at the back of the glove box that fit into slots in the dashboard. Push against the right wall of the glove box until the arm on the right side of the glove box slides out of the slot. You can easily slide the arm out of the left slot once the right side has been disengaged. Set the glove box aside.

Remove Cabin Filter Cover

You will see a plastic cover over the filter bracket when you remove the glove box. You need to remove the cover to access the cabin filter. There are spring clips on both sides of the cover. Press the clips in and take off the cover to expose the cabin filter. Slide the cabin filter out of the bracket.

Replace Filter

Open the fins on the filter to see how much pollen and debris has been trapped in them. If it is full, replace the filter with a new one. Make sure you buy a cabin filter specially made for your car. Take the new filter and slide it into the air filter bracket. Replace the cover and glove box.