If you see a puddle of red liquid under your car, then your vehicle likely has a transmission fluid leak. It is vital that you locate the source of the leak and take the necessary steps to fix the problem before you drive your car again. Low transmission fluid is a leading cause of transmission failures because the fluid is necessary for lubricating the transmission. Without adequate lubrication, the transmission's metal parts rub together and friction ruins them.

Follow these steps to locate the source of your vehicle's transmission fluid leak:

Step 1: Check the Current Transmission Fluid Level

Under the hood of your car is a dipstick that you can use to determine how much transmission fluid is currently in its transmission. The dipstick has a red handle that matches the color of the fluid so that you can easily locate it. The bottom portion of the dipstick has marks on it that represent quarts of transmission fluid that are present.

To check the transmission fluid level, you need to have the car running. While the car is idling, remove the dipstick and wipe it clean using a clean cotton rag. Dip the dipstick completely back into the transmission and then remove it. Look at the markings to determine the current level of lubrication fluid that is present. Put the dipstick back in place and turn off the vehicle. Add missing transmission fluid once the car cools down.

Step 2: Find the Source of the Leak

Now that you have an idea how much fluid is leaking, take a moment to look at the engine compartment and under your car to see if you can determine the source area of the leak. Look at the area where you found the dipstick and know that it is sitting in the housing unit for the transmission. Follow each of its parts to see if you find any leaking liquid. If you see a puddle, look directly up from its center to see if you can locate an area that is slowly dripping fluid.

Step 3: Fix the Transmission Fluid Leak Before It Damages Your Car's Transmission

Finally, you need to have the transmission leak fixed. If you determine that the cause of the leak is a broken hose or something simple, then you can easily fix the problem yourself with parts available at your local auto supply store. However, if the leaking is coming from inside of the transmission or from an area that you cannot reach to repair, then you need to take your car to a transmission shop to have it professionally repaired. Do not delay in getting your vehicle repaired because a small leak can quickly cause a complete failure of your transmission. To learn more, speak with a company like Goodeal Lifetime Transmissions.