There are some mistakes that are common to make when you're trading in your car and getting a quote for it. Here are a few examples of these mistakes including what you can do to avoid them and get the best quote for your trade-in possible.

Bad Timing

If you try to sell a sports car convertible when it's cold outside, or in the middle of a rainy season, you're probably not going to get very much for it. You won't be starting out from a position of strength. The same goes for trying to sell something with four wheel drive in a very mild climate where snow driving or summer leisure driving isn't going to be a factor.

Even if a dealer really wants to give you a good deal on it, it's going to be hard for them to justify doing this since it will be really hard for them to sell it to others again in such conditions. Often, if you wait a few months for summer months, you'll be able to make everyone happy, including yourself. You'll end up with the quote you want much more often this way.

Starting Out with Strikes Against You

This same principle also applies if you try selling your car while you owe more on it than you're likely to get from it. This makes it harder for you to negotiate a good position even when you find a car dealer you like. You want to put the best foot forward that you possibly can.

Failing to Shine

The outward appearance, first impression look of your car really is going to matter to a dealer when negotiating a quote, and it will matter to them because it will matter to those he tries to sell the car to later. This is often known as "curb appeal."

You can often get a better deal on your car by giving it a quick wash, putting up odor killers to get rid of any odor that might be lingering and even vacuuming the seats and floor a bit.The dealer is going to want your car to fit in with all of the other cars he's selling, and any dealer worth their salt is going to be concerned with appearance and curb appeal.

Overall, just a little bit of extra preparation can make a big difference when it comes to propping up the price your trade-in. Do a little bit of research ahead of time and you'll feel much more confident. 

Speak to a local auto dealer for more information.